Dr. Vahan Nanumyan


+41 44 632 84 78

ETH Zurich
Vahan Nanumyan
Chair of Systems Design
WEV G 213
Weinbergstrasse 56/58
8092 Zurich

The PhD programme I am undertaking has two key aspects. One is extending the methodology of multi-layer and multiplex networks, in particular by means of statistical physics toolset. The other aspect of the programme is the application of these methods to problems of sociotechnical systems, which can be described as comprising information and social components, or layers. Collaboration and citation networks of researchers in science and inventors in R&D are prominent examples of such systems.

In addition, I am interested in the topic of network inference. In many situations where connections between involved parts are crucial, we don't know exactly who interacts with whom. A good example is the over-the-counter derivative market. The ties (contracts) between banks are not explicitly known. However, the network of these ties is known to be an important, if not the most, factor in systemic risk.


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