Dr. Luca Verginer


ETH Zurich
Luca Verginer
Chair of Systems Design
WEV G 213
Weinbergstrasse 56/58
8092 Zurich

I am an economist researching through the methods of complex systems, temporal network analysis, machine learning and standard econometrics migration of high skill labour, citation dynamics in patents and papers and spatial diffusion of knowledge.

I am also a core contributor of Pathpy, the open source temporal network analysis library developed here at SG and the DAG Group at the University of Zürich.
Work on the exciting and novel field of temporal networks allows me to test these methods on various economic networks (e.g. Supply Chains).

Prior to joining Chair of Systems Design Team, I received a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Trento and a PhD in Economics and Data Science from IMT School for Advanced Studies, Lucca.


Publications in

Cities and countries in the global scientist mobility network

Verginer, Luca; Riccaboni, Massimo

Applied Network Science, pages: 38, volume: 5, number: 1


The mobility network of scientists: Analyzing temporal correlations in scientific careers

Vaccario, Giacomo; Verginer, Luca; Schweitzer, Frank

Applied Network Science, pages: 36, volume: 5, number: 1


Reproducing scientists' mobility: A data-driven model

Vaccario, Giacomo; Luca, Verginer; Schweitzer, Frank





Measuring the Social Diversity of Cities in Mobility and Scientific Collaboration Networks [June 25, 2019]

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