Laurence Brandenberger

ETH Zurich
Laurence Brandenberger
Chair of Systems Design
WEV G 213
Weinbergstrasse 56/58
8092 Zurich

I study legislative behavior and parliamentary networks. I am particularly interested in the temporal dynamics of political actors working together, for instance looking at how long it takes for a member of parliament to reciprocate a favor by a colleague. Furthermore, I study how political actors change their political positions over time and influence each other.

As a quantitative social scientist, I use Relational Event Models (REMs), Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGMs) and temporal variations thereof (so-called TERGMs or BTERGMs) and conventional regressions for my analyses.

Prior to starting at the Chair of Systems Design, a received a Master's degree in Sociology from the University of Bern and a PhD in Political Science from the University of Bern (ongoing, expected date of completion: December 2018).



Publications in

Trading Favors – Examining the Temporal Dynamics of Reciprocity in Congressional Collaborations Using Relational Event Models

Brandenberger, Laurence

Social Networks, pages: 238–253, volume: 54


Networks and Social Influence in European Legislative Politics

Malang, Thomas,; Brandenberger, Laurence; Leifeld, Philip

British Journal of Political Science, pages: 1-24