Prof. Dr. Dr.

Frank Schweitzer


Frank's most recent publications

Reconstructing signed relations from interaction data

arXiv - 2022

Georges Andres, Giona Casiraghi, Giacomo Vaccario and Frank Schweitzer

The Role Of Network Embeddedness On The Selection Of Collaboration Partners: An Agent-Based Model With Empirical Validation

Advances in Complex Systems - 2022

Frank Schweitzer, Antonios Garas, Mario V. Tomasello, Giacomo Vaccario and Luca Verginer

Consensus from group interactions: An adaptive voter model on hypergraphs

Physical Review E - 2022

Nikos Papanikolaou, Giacomo Vaccario, Erik Hormann, Renaud Lambiotte and Frank Schweitzer

Group relations, resilience and the I Ching


Frank Schweitzer

Social nucleation: Group formation as a phase transition

Physical Review E - 2022

Frank Schweitzer and Georges Andres

Network embeddedness indicates the innovation potential of firms

arXiv - 2022

Giacomo Vaccario, Luca Verginer, Antonios Garas, Mario V. Tomasello and Frank Schweitzer

The downside of heterogeneity: How established relations counteract systemic adaptivity in tasks assignments

Entropy, 23(12), 1677 - 2021

Giona Casiraghi, Christian Zingg and Frank Schweitzer

Why Online does not Equal Offline: Comparing Online and Real-World Political Support Among Politicians.

socarxiv - 2021

Laurence Brandenberger, Giona Casiraghi, Georges Andres, Simon Schweighofer and Frank Schweitzer

Reproducing scientists' mobility: a data-driven model

Scientific Reports - 2021

Giacomo Vaccario, Luca Verginer and Frank Schweitzer

A new theory of social roles in networks

socarxiv - 2021

Ramona Roller and Frank Schweitzer

The ambiguous role of social influence on the wisdom of crowds: An analytic approach

Physica A - 2021

Pavlin Mavrodiev and Frank Schweitzer

Social percolation revisited: From 2d lattices to adaptive network

Physica A - 2021

Frank Schweitzer

Should the government reward cooperation? Insights from an agent-based model of wealth redistribution

Advances in Complex Systems - 2021

Frank Schweitzer, Luca Verginer and Giacomo Vaccario

Quantifying the importance of firms by means of reputation and network control

Frontiers in Big Data - 2021

Yan Zhang and Frank Schweitzer

Quantifying individual influence in leading-following behavior of Bechstein's bats

Scientific Reports - 2021

Pavlin Mavrodiev, Daniela Fleischmann, Gerald Kerth and Frank Schweitzer

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