A Complex Networks Perspective On Collaborative Software Engineering

Marcelo Cataldo, Ingo Scholtes and Giuseppe Valetto

ACS - Advances in Complex Systems (2015)


Large collaborative software engineering projects are interesting examples for evolving complex systems. The complexity of these systems unfolds both in evolving software structures, as well as in the social dynamics and organization of development teams. Due to the adoption of Open Source practices and the increasing use of online support infrastructures, large-scale data sets covering both the social and technical dimension of collaborative software engineering processes are increasingly becoming available. In the analysis of these data, a growing number of studies employ a network perspective, using methods and abstractions from network science to generate insights about software engineering processes. Featuring a collection of inspiring works in this area, with this topical issue, we intend to give an overview of state-of-the-art research. We hope that this collection of articles will stimulate downstream applications of network-based data mining techniques in empirical software engineering.