The Social Dimension of Information Ranking: A Discussion of Research Challenges and Approaches

Frank Schweitzer, Ingo Scholtes and Rene Pfitzner

Socioinformatics - The Social Impact of Interactions between Humans and IT (2014)


The extraction of relevant knowledge from the increasingly large amountof information available in information repositories is one of the big challenges of ourtime. Although it is clear that the social and the information layer of collaborativeknowledge spaces like the World Wide Web (WWW), scholarly publication databasesor Online Social Networks (OSNs) are inherently coupled and thus inseparable, thequestion how the ranking and retrieval of information is influenced by the structureand dynamics of the social systems that create it has been addressed at most partially.In this talk, we will highlight associated research questions and challenges from anethical, social and computer science perspective and introduce a multiplex networkperspective that integrates both the social and the semantic layer of social informationsystems.