Moving recommender systems from on-line commerce to retail stores

Frank Edward Walter, Stefano Battiston, Mahir Yildirim and Frank Schweitzer

Information Systems and e-Business Management (2012)


The increasing diversity of consumers’ demand, as documented by the debate on the long tail of the distribution of sales volume across products, represents a challenge for retail stores. Recommender systems offer a tool to cope with this challenge. The recent developments in information technology and ubiquitous computing makes it feasible to move recommender systems from the on - line commerce, where they are widely used, to retail stores. In this paper, we aim to bridge the management literature and the computer science literature by analysing a number of issues that arise when applying recommender systems to retail stores: these range from the format of the stores that would benefit most from recommender systems to the impact of coverage and control of recommender systems on customer loyalty and competition among retail stores.