SDSC Project: DemocraSci

Mar 7, 2021 -

Projects: 130 Years of Swiss Parliament

The goal of our research and data project DemocraSci is to create a searchable database of the Swiss Parliament. For the past 130 years (starting in 1891), the Swiss Parliament has carefully documented its actions and debates in the so-called Amtliches Bulletin—a stenographic record of parliamentary speeches and legislative proposals. In our project we carefully extract and structure the data from the Amtliches Bulletin.

Our database will contain

  • all bills, legislative proposals and parliamentary questions brought forth by members of the parliament, comittees, parliamentary groups (called Fraktionen) and cantons (in the form of a Standesinitative)
  • all speeches recorded in the Amtliches Bulletin
  • all members passing through the parliament as well as their functions, their committee memberships and their involvement in parliamentary affairs
  • all votes and voting outcomes for proposals
  • all cosponsorship signatures from members of parliament on bills

The project is a collaboration between our chair and the Swiss Data Science Center, SDSC.

Our project overview

Collaboration partners: Luis Salamanca (SDSC), Fernando Perez-Cruz (SDSC)

Project start: fall 2019

Project end: 2022