DemocraSci team: Marta Balode

After 2.5 years of working with us on DemocraSci, Marta Balode is leaving our group. Find out what she worked on during the 2.5 years and how many lines of code she wrote!

Oct 7, 2022-

All models are right, but most are useless

Frank Schweitzer gives the opening keynote at ...

Sep 26, 2022-

Agents, Networks, Evolution - free access

Frank Schweitzer's new book appears soon

Sep 26, 2022-

New open position for a Hiwi - starting September 2022

We are looking for a new HiWi staring september 2022 or on agreement.

Aug 12, 2022-

NEW COURSE: Data Science for Social Challenges

We're offering a new MA/PhD course this fall!

Aug 10, 2022-

Voting Records of the Swiss Parliament

How does the Swiss parliament report voting outcomes? Over the 130 years, voting records have been published in different styles and with varying degrees of detail, ranging from simple `angeommen` to detailed roll-call voting records.

May 27, 2022-

An adaptive voter model on hypergraphs

What are the effects of group interactions in opinion formation? Do they help or hamper the emergence of consensus?

May 13, 2022-

Swiss Parliamentary Bills: An Overview

What types of bills does the Swiss parliament know to enact legislative changes? This blogpost gives an overview over the deliberation process of 9 types of parliamentary bills

Mar 14, 2022-

New AJPS article on policy networks

The political system affects how policy actors collaborate with each other. The article compares policy networks of actors engaged in water protection from four different countries and quantitatively compares the structure of the collaborations.

Feb 21, 2022-

Success in Science - Special Issue

Out now - Special issue on "Succes in Science"

Dec 7, 2021-

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