An adaptive voter model on hypergraphs

What are the effects of group interactions in opinion formation? Do they help or hamper the emergence of consensus?

May 13, 2022-

Talk Sanjukta Krishnagopal

Community structures through a simplicial complex formulation.

Mar 14, 2022-

Swiss Parliamentary Bills: An Overview

What types of bills does the Swiss parliament know to enact legislative changes? This blogpost gives an overview over the deliberation process of 9 types of parliamentary bills

Mar 14, 2022-

New AJPS article on policy networks

The political system affects how policy actors collaborate with each other. The article compares policy networks of actors engaged in water protection from four different countries and quantitatively compares the structure of the collaborations.

Feb 21, 2022-

Success in Science - Special Issue

Out now - Special issue on "Succes in Science"

Dec 7, 2021-

SG Talk by Prof. Simone Righi

Prof. Simone Righi will deliver a talk on the role of loners, reputation and punishment the evolution of cooperation in the Optional Public Goods Game.

Nov 29, 2021-

The downside of heterogeneity

We link lock-ins in task-assignment networks and resilience in social systems.

Nov 24, 2021-

Amtliches Bulletin: records of speeches, propositions and votes -- Part 2

We go into detail on which text elements we extract form the Amtliches Bulletin from 1891 until 1995.

Sep 20, 2021-


What is the physics in sociophysics? Two new publications explore the relation ...

Jul 15, 2021-

How we do it

Frank Schweitzer on the challenges of interdisciplinary research ...

Jul 11, 2021-

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