SG Symposium

Social Software Engineering

ETH Zurich, ML E12

15 December 2023 (Friday) 15:30–18:30

Software development still depends on humans. The foundation of any successful software project lies in the expertise, skills, and creativity of the individuals involved. As technology continues to evolve towards artificial intelligence, it is essential to recognize the profound impact of human capital — ranging from technical proficiency and educational background to the sheer passion that drives innovation.

But there is more to it. Software development today is predominantly social software engineering. Collaboration relies on cooperation, communication and coordination in developer teams. In this Symposium, we will explore the role of social capital in software development. Specifically, the speakers will discuss how to enhance communication and leadership, and facilitate collective problem-solving. The talks will provide insights into the shift from solo to collaborative development practices, how code review affects team dynamics, and what we can learn from the developer networks of open-source projects.

Join us for an exploration of how individual talent and team dynamics drive innovation in software engineering.