SG Symposium

Exploring the hidden knowledge space: Ideas, patents, people

ETH Zurich, WEV, Room F111

4 April 2023 (Tuesday) 08:45–12:00

Hidden knowledge is the “known unknown”. We know it is out there, but we don’t know yet what it is. So, how could we search for it? And what should we expect to find? These questions are explored in three different talks.

Vittorio Loreto focuses on the novelties that are just around the corner. The “adjacent possible” can be detected because one new thing leads to another. Giacomo Vaccario challenges our knowledge about complex systems, pointing out the mismatch between our theoretical expectations and reality. Luca Verginer uncovers patterns in knowledge diffusion and mobility, to enhance evidence-based policymaking.

How to find the WEV, F111