Official Website of the ETH Risk Center

By establishing the interdisciplinary Risk Center, ETH Zurich places itself among the leading proponents of Integrative Risk Management (IRM). In this spirit the aim of the Risk Center’s activities is to build an integrated view of risk landscapes and develop the means to understand, assess, compare and manage these. Its research output will help societies to better manage risk portfolios and to design novel solutions and collaborative risk reduction schemes.

The Risk Center fosters both top-down initiatives and bottom-up collaborative research projects linked with R&D. It also serves as an interface between academia and industry.


ETH Risk Center Working Paper Series


Members of the ETH Risk Center

Prof. Dr. David Basin
Prof. Dr. Antoine Bommier
Prof. Dr. David N. Bresch
Prof. Dr. Lars-Erik Cederman
Prof. Dr. Patrick Cheridito
Prof. Dr. Francesco Corman
Prof. Dr. Olga Fink
Prof. Dr. Hans Gersbach
Prof. Dr. Christoph Hölscher
Prof. Dr. Kenneth Paterson
Prof. Dr. Giovanni Sansavini
Prof. Dr. Frank Schweitzer
Prof. Dr. Didier Sornette
Prof. Dr. Bozidar Stojadinovic
Prof. Dr. Bruno Sudret
Prof. Dr. Josef Teichmann
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Alois Weidmann
Prof. Dr. Stefan Wiemer
Prof. Dr. Melanie Zeilinger
Prof. Dr. Rico Zenklusen

Executive Directors

Dr. Bastian Bergmann
Dr. Hélène Schernberg

Executive Office

Michaela Diehl