Mobility and Migration of Researchers

Topical Session at WEHIA 2019

Mobility of researchers is thought to aid the diffusion of scientific expertise. Restrictive migration policies, however, have the potential to disrupt the international exchange of knowledge and could negatively affect scientific progress. A fundamental understanding of the mobility patterns is necessary to support evidence based policy decisions.

Obtaining individual level mobility data in general, and of researchers specifically, has been difficult. But in recent years the availability of data, methodologies and computational capabilities have drastically improved.This has lead to a surge of interest by practitioners from across disciplines to model the dynamics, the determinants and effects of international mobility.

This topical session with invited speakers from several disciplines will spark new research ideas of how to model researchers' mobility with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Alessio Emanuele Biondo - University of Catania, IT
    What’s up after brain drain? Sometimes, somewhere, someone comes back: A general model of return migration
  • Orion Penner - EPFL Lausanne, CH
    Immigration and Inventor Productivity
  • Massimo Riccaboni - IMT Lucca, IT
    The Impact of US State and Federal Legislation on the Geographic Preferences of Stem Cell Researchers
  • Giacomo Vaccario - ETH Zürich, CH
    Reproducing scientists' mobility: A data-driven model
  • Luca Verginer - ETH Zürich, CH
    Brain-Circulation Network: The Global Mobility of the Life Scientists