Risk Center Workshop
Mastering the Challenges of our Digital Society

Big data technologies are powerful - but with great power comes great responsibility. How can we
ensure societal benefits from the deployment of big data technologies and at the same time
safeguard individual rights and privacy?



Friday | November 4, 2016 | 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Zurich Development Center, Zurich









Aims and Scope:
This workshop addresses the challenges and opportunities of digitalization from
the perspectives of three different stakeholders: citizens, companies and regulators.
Nine leading experts in science, technology, and policy address key problems arising
in our digital society. They provide a scientific understanding of the underlying
social phenomena, design technologies to solve privacy problems, and discuss ways
to implement these solutions in policy making.

The workshop will have three moderated discussion sessions in order to enable
a dialogue on these topics.



9:00     Opening Remarks
Prof. Frank Schweitzer, Risk Center and Chair of Systems Design     
ETH Zurich

Session A: Social Challenges – The Citizen Perspective

9:15       Dr. David Garcia, Risk Center and Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zurich
Can informational self-determination be guaranteed in the age     
of big data?
9:45 Prof. Michal Kosinski, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Can we understand ourselves by analyzing our digital life?
10:15 Prof. Sandra González-Bailón, Annenberg School of Communication, UPenn
Can we analyze collective action through digital traces?
10:45 Round up Discussion
11:00 Coffee Break

Session B: Technical Challenges – The Industrial Perspective

11:30     Prof. Andreas Krause, Learning & Adaptive Systems, ETH Zurich
How to ensure accuracy and reliability of data used for algorithmic decisions?
12:00 Prof. Angel Cuevas, Department of Telematic Engineering, Univ Carlos III Madrid
How can technology address privacy concerns?
12:30 Courtney Bowman, Palantir, USA
How can privacy, security and data integrity requirements be respected with big data and algorithmic decision-making?
13:00 Round up Discussion
13:15 Lunch Break

Session C: Regulatory Challenges – The Governmental Perspective

14:30     Prof. Ernst Hafen, Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zurich
What is the trade-off between opportunities and privacy in the health business?
15:00 Prof. Petr Jakubik, EIOPA, Frankfurt
What implications does technological innovation have for the insurance sector?
15:30 Martin Schallbruch, Digital Society Institute, Berlin
What can governments do to ensure cybersecurity?
16:00 Round up Discussion
16:15 Closing Remarks
16:30 Aperitif