Yuji Aruka

Faculty of Commerce, Chuo Universtity, Tokyo, Japan


The nature of technology and a Japanese connection to creative coincidence


Evolutionary economics often misses to argue about „evolution“ at the deepest level of the universe and/or the human history. We already know in our universe that quantum breaks down by itself and quantum by itself then evolves. Quantum may be replaced with technology, if we envisage the human history. It is also reasonable to refer to the history of nature, in particular to the biological evolution in order to understand the evolution of human technology. Theses views lead to the idea of „creative coincidence“ in human history, according to K. Mainzer. This idea may be applied to innovation. The idea of creative coincidence then gives a more comprehensive form of creative destruction by J. Schumpeter. During these 20 years in Japan, the domestic industrial activities were radically rearranged because our original features were mandatorily forced to be replaced by global standards. In contrast with this problem, this lecture will discuss only a positive aspect of our innovation in terms of creative coincidence. The aspect dealt with here may belong to a kind of miracle or a creative coincidence on innovation rarely happened. A consideration on negative aspects of our economy may be discussed elsewhere. A creative coincidence found in our innovation of technology may at least contribute to our bright future.

When: Monday, 12 March 2012, 15.00-16.00

Where: ETH Zürich, Kreuzplatz 5, KPL K 14