Activities & Events

Events organized by our team are an important measure to increase our visibility. This was of particular importance fifteen years ago, when we started and had not established our reputation, yet. During the first years, SG seminars with distinguished external speakers were organised on a regular basis - whereas today many of our guest speakers are invited to the ETH Risk Center Seminar Series, jointly organised with the ETH Risk Center (and its predecessor, the CCSS Seminar Series, jointly organised with the Chairs involved in the Competence Center 'Coping with Crises in Complex Socio-Economic Systems' CCSS).

In addition to these activities, we also organise international workshops and schools for young scientists on research topics we are involved in. Some of these workshops are hosted in Zurich, which allowes us to attract invited speakers and participants from all over the world to visit ETH Zurich. In many cases, these workshops become the starting point of fruitful collaborations with researchers from Switzerland and abroad. They are a good opportunity for us to disseminate the results of our research.